Friday, 11 November 2011

Cobalt Fetish

Leather has always been a little infamous. Something many would associate with unspeakable fetishes - Leather pants have been on my wish list for as long as I remember. Dressed up or down, leather pants are a must have in every girls wardrobe, just to add that little bit of sex appeal we all want and need in our lives.
That said, a good pair of leather pants aren't a easy thing to come by. There are so many factors to which you have to take into account, and if one is missing, there's likely to be something 'off' about it. You all know that feeling when you love a garment so much but can't bring yourself to buy it because there's something about it that's just not right. That feeling - Every pair of leather leggings/pants I tried on seemed to trigger it. That is, until I found this pair and believe me, obtaining this exact pair was no walk in the park. 

I wore this outfit to a friends birthday dinner party
Motorcycle Pleather Pants - Bardot $90!! 
Cut-out Cobalt Blue Blouse - Supre 
LOVE Multi-Colour Block Heels - TOPSHOP
Black Leather Bag - Tilkah
Black and Gold Studded Bracelet - Coco Liberace @ 100Squared
Resin Necklace House of Harlow 1960
Rings (from left to right) - Ebay, Lovisa and Lovisa

Last christmas, I finally got my grubby little hands on a pair from Forever 21. Unfortunately they were a size too small and I quickly tore through those. Literally. 
A couple of months later, I found these babies. At bardot for price too good to be true - After looking at prices that were as high as $400, I was more than happy to pay the $90. That said, these babies cost me a lot more than $90.. 

I first bought them in March only to realise a week later that I had handed the sales assistant the wrong size and had bought them in a size too large. Mind you I had already ripped off the tags (I had led myself to believe that I had lost a whole lot of weight until I realised they were a size 10 and not an 8). But I exchanged them with no issues and got the right size.

I then wore them to a house party where I got so inexplicably drunk and woke to find myself in a pair of shorts and my beautiful leather pants beside me - ripped at the crotch, knee and crack. That night, at 4am I hopped onto the Bardot website and bought myself another pair and went to bed happy - knowing that I still had a pair of leather pants. 

Leather pants #2 lasted me a little longer than its predecessor. I wore them many times to work, going out and to uni, I got my moneys worth in terms of cost per wear. Sadly, on one fateful day, I was cooking at home after work and hadn't changed out of my pants when I bent down to grab some rice they ripped at the knee. RIP leather pants #2 

By this stage you'd expect for me to just give up on the idea of leather pants all together but no, I was adamant that I had to have them. A couple of months down the track I found these babies on sale for $50! and after waiting on ebay for them, only to forget to bid - twice. I made the 45min trip down there to purchase the last pair in Sydney. So costing me a grand total of $230 I'm now proud to say, three months on, they're still going strong! 

Now that I've gotten that story out of my system I just wanted to give you all a little update about my internship at Agent 25. The girls there are amazing, so friendly and helpful and I've learnt so much from them already. It's been such a different experience to my internship at 100squared and I've only been there two weeks! My responsibilities thus far have included things like visual merchandising the show room, inventory of stock and processing send outs and returns for press. I love it there and it's only done more to reinforce my decision to defer and pursue a career in Fashion PR. 


Nicole said...

Those are truly gorgeous pants!
Great side story to them to ;)
AND YES EXACTLY to the off feeling when you want a certain item of clothing. I always find myself explaining and re-explaining that! x

Julie said...

Aw, I quite enjoyed your leather pants story. :)

Leya said...

gosh, cute shoes! love! :D

lolizzie said...

I read your whole story and laughed to myself the whole time! That is fantastic that you could love a pair of leather pants so much! Thanks for entertaining me on this Friday night! Haha enjoy your weekend x

j. said...

haha thats an epic story, lol that would make me feel even better about owning a pair for some reason..
love the hoh necklace ! and cant wait to hear more about your internship, sounds like so much fun :D
jessie x
the weekend project.

Chahana said...

jaw dropping, i love this outfit, the blue is amazing!

Maggie said...

I loved the story too! At least you in a way got it for half the price! ;)

Flashes of Style said...

Lovee your blue top!



Nicoleee said...

Recently stumbled upon and following your blog :) Your internship sounds so exciting! Also LOVING the topshop colourblock wedges.

Do check out my blog at, appreciate it!


Cylia said...

loving your cut out blouse!;)


amazing outfit i really like it ! .. Lg DENISE <3