Saturday, 13 August 2011

Falling Into Place

Hi there, Welcome to justonemore
My name is Linda and I'm a first year student studying Business at the University of Technology, Sydney. 
I'm a notorious shopaholic and have an irrational addiction to shoes. Hence the name justonemore, because despite the fact that over 60% of my wardrobe is brand new with tags still attached, I always manage to convince myself that I need more. With me, when I tell you I bought four pairs of shoes in a week -
I'm not exaggerating. not. one. bit.

I've been meaning to start up a blog for a while now and the beautiful Jessica from JessLovesFred finally convinced me to do it and helped me get everything up and running. This blog would be nothing without her, so thank you darling!
And without further ado, my first outfit post:

Last week, Jess and I, whilst basking in the winters sun on a bench in Hyde Park, began making spontaneous plans to clear out an entire day and spend it cruising around Sydney and before we were forced to leave by the swarm of mosquitoes, it was set in stone. 

A week later, the weather had deteriorated to a mediocre overcast with short episodes of sunshine but we were no less excited to make Sydney our temporary stomping ground. 
Our little trip went like something along these lines: 
City + coffee -> Rose Bay -> The Gap (cliff climbing in heels, it's possible) -> Sydney Fish Markets -> Rushcutters Bay -> Lost trying to find a bathroom -> Rose Bay -> Jessica's house for takeout pasta 

Backless Leotard
- St Lenny's (gifted)

Skirt  - TRF Zara
Belt - Dotti
Backpack - Vintage, Thrifted
Heels - LOVE multi colour block suede - Topshop 
Cropped Mustard Knit - Loving Things - Random asian store
Rings (from left to right) - Diva, Collette, Diva and Diva

And to top it all off, as we were driving around Kings Cross trying to
manoeuvre our way through peak hour traffic in search of the closest public restroom, I received a call from the lovely people at Miro Door and was offered the opportunity to be a stylists assistant for next weeks Mercedes Benz Fashion Week fittings! I cannot wait to lay eyes on the latest collections from the countless designers that will be featured. So for the next week I will be slaving away in amongst the fashion elite from 9-7, unable to attend uni and loving every moment!
Not only that, but I will also be volunteering backstage at the actual festival which will take place from the 23rd - 27th of August at Sydney's Town Hall. 
Now if only I had a camera to document all this excitement, not that I'd be allowed to take photos... Nonetheless, I'll be sure to tell you guys how it all goes!

Sorry for the complete overload of photos, there were just too many to choose from.
I hope you guys appreciate them as much as I do, if you like my personal style follow me for more updates! I'll also have a twitter account up and running soon so I can keep you all posted on all my shopping antics and life's little mishaps, stay tuned for more!


Anisa Young said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! :) If you're buddies with Jess then you're going to be fine! I love those blocked colorblock heels, they are gorg! And that vintage backpack? THRIFT WIN! CONGRATS on the stylist assistant at FW, jealous! You're going to have an amazing time :) xxAnisa

Zineb.C said...

So excited for you, you're going to be a stylists assistant for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week jealous thought ^^, and welcome on the blogosphere and i'm sure you are going to be as good as jess <3.

constance said...

i found you from jesslovesfred and i already can tell i'll love your style!

Melissa said...

Hi girl!! I see that you are loving Topshop heels as much as I do!! =D they do such amazing shoes and i love yours so much!

Btw i'm so envious that you could join the Mercedes Benz FW as stylist assistant! I'm a business student too and I've been trying and trying to get into the FW or fashion festivals but it doesn't seems like I have any chance at the mo. But oh wells, glad you have the chance!

Will be coming back for more posts! =D

l i s a z h a n g said...

Hello lovely, edwina told me about ur plans to start this blog and I've been hanging to see the start of it.

Ur a blogging natural no doubt and can't wait to see more.


lolizzie said...

Hey there!
Found you thanks to Jess, followed you before you even posted your first entry haha
Love those heels, can't wait to see more of your looks!
And lucky you! I'm heading to the show at 12:30pm on the Saturday, maybe I'll bump into you there :)
Enjoy the blogging world xx

Linda Tran said...

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, I'm so excited to finally be here (in the blogosphere). It's an anxious experience, starting up a blog.
I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer!

♥ Linda

Just One More

wakeupbeachbottle said...

Your shoes are lovely! I'd want to have a pair (but I'm not much of a heels person)

Yeliz said...

honey sooo glad you DID start a blog!
the heels are an absolute gem and you look too gorge dear xx

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

SO cute. Love your backpack! x hivenn

Maggie said...

I like your style! :] Also love how your skirt matches part of your shoes! Lovely! ^^

Will def be following =)

emily said...

ugh GORGEOUS heels! i'm also kind of in love with your nail polish and the backpack :)

Silkybow said...

I love your multi coloured heels! They look so beautiful :)

j. said...

what an amazing opportunity for you to be involved in fashion week! how did you get such a great offer!

i have the same problem with photo overloads! hah but yours are so lovely sweetie :)
i'll be following!

jessie x

the weekend project.

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi!!I really love your blog and your amazing style :)!I follow you :D !!
... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too, and maybe you can follow me back.
(I hope you like it ;) )
kisses from México city!

kathleen said...

those shoes are just fan-fricking-tastic x