Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nerding It Up

WARNING: If you're expecting an outfit post or anything fashion related, stop reading now because the following contains text that may or may not bore you to death. If however you don't mind reading a little fluff, I'm about to reveal a little about myself..

You may not have guessed this, but I'm a little bit of a nerd. I spent a good majority of my junior years in high school playing MMORPG's (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games) such as RagnarokCounter-Strike and the infamous World of Warcraft. As I matured, so did my taste in games. My mother had bought my younger brother a playstation 3 for christmas with the full expectation that he'd love and cherish the console as much as any other normal 15year old boy would. Little did she know that it would be I who would become one with said console. The first game I bought was Assassin's Creed and it was downhill (in regard to my academics) from there. I spent more hours than I care to share playing games instead of studying or sleeping.

As well as being a complete game fiend, I'm a sucker for plotless, mind-blowing action movies. Especially those with ridiculously clad and slightly narcissistic protagonists (Ironman is my favourite). So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that the new Captain America movie was coming to Australian theatres.

Two weeks after the release, I finally took the time to go and see it. After a gorgeous dinner at The Meat & Wine Co. my friend Crystal and I stocked up on junk and settled into our seats, geared for the movie to begin. 
Unfortunately the movie itself wasn't the greatest. Aside from a glorified, semi-naked Chris Evans the action sequences left my adrenal glands a little underwhelmed. It was however, after the credits had rolled and the cinema emptied, when the easter egg was revealed that I was hooked. A concentrated dosage of awesome packed into thirty-seconds of footage had me bouncing at the edge of my seat, slapping Crystal with excitement. This small snapshot of what's to come in the anticipated 2012 release of The Avengers makes me want to read all the comics. It makes me want to dig myself a little hole, wall myself in, and read them all - without coming up for oxygen.

It's 3am and instead of sleeping I'm going to catch up on the movies featuring the heroes which form The Avengers, beginning with Thor. Nothing like a little Chris Hemsworth and mythical weapons to get you going! 

PS: How gorgeous is Hayley Atwell?! She looks so chic yet demure in beautiful ensembles which flaunt her perfect, hourglass, silhouette. She even has sexy 40's pin-up style curls to match!


Julie said...

you're cute.

Lola said...

Seriously dude, you are adorable.

Anonymous said...

get shredded !

Sassi said...

gorgeous pics! I love all the shoes.