Friday, 2 September 2011

New Beginnings

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my absence in the past week or so, I've just been so swamped with ... life. So much has been happening!
Beginning where I last left off -
MBFFS was amazing. I met beautiful and talented people from all walks of life and was lucky enough to watch a handful of shows including the David Jones (Seeing Samantha Harris in the flesh does things to you) and Camilla show. I also dressed for the Myer and Designer Review show which was a huge adrenaline rush.
Here are a few sneaky photos taken backstage!

Group photo with a pair of models (Adhiel and Yifan) and fellow dressers

Photo of me preparing to dress for the Myer show

and my personal favourite - Male models in their speedos for the Designer Review show

Again, I apologise for the quality of the photos, the first two were taken by my friend using her iphone and the third was by a mystery phone photographer to whom I will be forever grateful.

In other news, whilst juggling university as a business student and all these fashion events it occurred to me that I no longer thought a business degree was the correct course for me. So, I applied for a leave of absence and now plan on transferring out to study towards a degree in Media/PR the following semester. My mother was a little shellshocked to say the least when I informed her that I will no longer be attending Uni for the remainder of the year. All she could say was "So... you're not going to uni anymore?" with a stunned fish look on her face.

I've also been interviewing for a couple of jobs and wouldn't you believe it, I actually got one! 
I'm now a casual sales assistant at the Glue Store in World Square! 
In addition to landing myself a new job, you're looking at the new intern for 100squared
100squared is a unique initiative located on the ground floor of Sydney's Pitt Street Westfields that features new, up and coming designers such as Bree BennettWhite Euphoria and Mok Theorem. This wonderful project has been so successful, they're now expanding and setting up shop in brand new locations in Westfields at Bondi and Miranda. I as an intern will have the opportunity to assist in the preparation and opening of said stores.
This coming week, 100squared and their featured designers will be launching their Spring/Summer collection on Thursday 8th September as part of Vogues Fashion Night Out so come on down to check it out! Promise you won't be disappointed!

But wait! there's more. Three day's ago, on that one fateful day... the last day of winter - I TURNED NINETEEN!
No no, you'll be hearing no tales about getting 'sloshed' in a dingy bar and waking up in some god forsaken alley. My birthday was quite tame.
Having slept half the day away, I awoke to find that I was late for a coffee date with a couple of friends and looked as though I hadn't bathed in a week (probably smelt like it too).
Two hours later, I was in the city, in front of me sat a latte and a dish of drool inducing chicken schnitzel and chips - when none other than the gorgeous Jessica arrives and surprises me with her wonderful gift.

My beautiful bouquet of love consists of an assortment of florals in all colours of the rainbow 

After a few good hours of chatter, Jessica began to fiddle around with my new compact camera and she managed to find some setting that took some pretty good pictures! So in amongst the hustle and bustle of peak hour traffic, on and off the road. We took some outfit photos! 

Sleeveless button up blouse - Forever New
Navy military blazer - Tailor made in Vietnam 
Black chiffon skort - Ebay
Khaki bag - Seduce
Suede taupe pumps - Sarrina by Steve Madden -
Rings (from left to right) - Nasty Gal, Diva, Lovisa, Diva
Nail polish - Pure porcelain by ORLY

For dinner, a couple of close friends and I stuffed our faces with the miracle that is Alice Springs Chicken and spoiled ourselves silly with the complementary Birthday chocolate fudge brownies topped with creme fresh and icecream at the Outback Steakhouse

We then embarked on an adventure to the closest body of water and found ourselves at a jetty where we sat and listened as our farmyard animal impressions echoed and bounced off the surrounding buildings. Jessica let her inner-photographer loose and here are the results! 

How amazing do the lights look with their reflections in the water? 

Aside from disrupting the peaceful night of the wonderful residents of Meadowbank, we took a few group shots and experimented with some camera settings - this kept us entertained for a good 2hrs. 

How cute are the boys? holding hands and all (don't know if they'll forgive me for posting this)
And I'm loving this ghostly edition to our album, can you spot me?!

All in all, I've had a busy couple of weeks and I cannot be happier. I've got a new job, an internship opportunity and a new perspective on life. New beginnings in a new year as a nineteen year old.
I hope you all didn't fall asleep, I know this post was a little long, but I wanted to tell you guys everything. 
I've made quite a few purchases recently so when all my goodies arrive in the mail, I'll be sure to show you guys just how much of a shopaholic I am. Seriously, I have a problem. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay!!!!!

I'll hope you'll enjoy your beautiful age! ;)

Looking fwd to your posts!

PS. The guys are so cuuute! Are they together??

Nicole said...

Lovely lovely post and gorgeous shoes!
Wish you buckets of luck for your new beginnings! :)

j. said...

my goodness you've got yourself such amazing jobs!
you must do crazy well at interviews!

pr/marketing sounds like it would be so fun to do also, i'm sure you'll love it

jessie x

the weekend project.

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday! =] Looked like you had an amazing birthday celebration ^^

lolizzie said...

How fun! And congratulations! :)
Happy belated birthday and good luck for your new uni path!
Wow.. now that that's out of the way HAHA Enjoy the rest of your night! x

Sabrina said...

Wow lovely post! That picture with those male models is just jaw breaking hihi And I love your rings they are so pretty ♥

p.s: last chance to enter my giveaway!

Anonymous said...

what compact camera do you have? the photo is pretty decent!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering how you got the internship and also got to work for MBFW? I really want to get into it but I have no idea what to do! Thanks

Linda Tran said...

Dear Anonymous,
You just have to let them know you want it! PR companies and what not are ALWAYS looking for interns. All you have to do is email them and tell them you're interested then blow them away at the interview!!
In regard to MBFW, a huge majority of the people working behind the scenes are actually volunteers, a couple of months before the fashion week - they begin accepting applications for volunteer positions. Just jump on the website and apply via the links provided. It also helps if you have previous experience in dressing/ushering etc. So join the mailing list of an agency which sources volunteers for fashion events. I joined Miro House.

Hope this helps! Good Luck :)

Hope that helps!