Friday, 9 September 2011

WANTED - expert therapist to cure addiction

At least that's what I should be posting..

As you'll soon realise, I am a serial shopaholic. I have no self control when it comes to spending. If uncontrollable and unrestrained shopping were a legitimate disease the doctor would diagnose me as terminal with a predicted lifespan of 2years, with no hope of a cure but a one in a bajillion chance miracle. I have had more 'interventions' than I care to admit. I decide on an hourly basis that I will start saving as of "now" and as my brother would put it, when I "make one dollar, (I) spend three". Hence the huge unworn and untouched proportion of my wardrobe. Despite being completely and utterly aware of my problem and no matter how many times I declare that it is a serious issue. I. do. not. stop.
Clothes, jewellery, books, cosmetics (nail polish in particular), food, coffee, juice, bags, stationery, games or shoes (kryptonite), you name it. With a single swipe of my heavily abused savings card, I will make it mine before you even get the chance to try and talk me out of it. Just ask Jessica - I've made it her responsibility to prevent me from spending, though I must say appointing her as my financial advisor, with our mutual love for all things fashion and similar approaches to tackling money, wasn't as effective as I'd hoped - she fails most of the time (not due to a lack in skill and finesse but rather my incessant ability to mentally overrule her). 
As a result - I have a mountain of recent purchases that I will now share with you all. 

Sportsgirl nailpolish

Assorted accesories

A sneak preview of what's to come in spring

Asos socks/tights and some shoes

Hmmmm... Shoes.. 

Can't wait for the warmer weather! 

A little birthday present I bought myself - I was dying for a good quality black bag

One can never have too many bags

Hope you enjoyed all the photos featuring a fraction of the things I've procured recently and please, if you have a cure... If you are that one in a bajillion chance miracle. HELP ME.

On a brighter, less life threatening note - as part of my new internship at 100squared, I am helping out with the William Street Laneway Festival down in Paddington which will take place on Saturday the 24th of September. Come on down and check out all the gorgeous boutiques and what they have to offer. Last year, they had over 3000 attendees! There'll also be street venders in marquees with some yummy food and a bar to top it all off!
I've actually been delegated the task of selecting a few buskers to perform on the day, I have a few in mind but I'd love some suggestions! So if you know of any great performers who'd love to busk at the festival, leave me a message, it'd be much appreciated! 

We're also launching our new Bondi Junction location on Monday and our Miranda store the week after so be sure to get down there. I'm already eyeballing a few pieces at our City stores, I'm too afraid to even think of all the different and unique stock they'll have. There's sure to be a few launch parties too so I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. 


Anonymous said...

The nude wedges in the middle!!
where are they from?!

Linda Tran said...

They're from an ebay seller in the UK! Aren't they gorgeous?!

Leya said...

omg shopping heaven! i want that too! :DDDDD

Jenny said...

amazing purchases! love the shoes, the black bag, the red clutch... okay pretty much everything! :)

xinwei said...

i'd be a shopaholic if i had the money to spend at all. ): my family is in a state of financial crisis and i'm still in school. i will begin attending uni next year and i don't know how much more money we need to spend. i'm beginning to fall in love with fashion but there just aren't any thrift stores here in Malaysia that i find trustworthy for their quality.

maybe you shouldn't use a card at all. carrying a credit/savings card is dangerous--it's like carrying unlimited amount of cash with you. suggestions :
1. categorize the stuff you want to buy with a level of 'likeness'. i kind of do this. if i only like something, i won't buy it. if i really like it, i'll consider. if i LOVE it, i'll buy without hesitation.
2. carry only cash. like i said, cards are evil. a limited amount of cash should do the trick. try not to RUN to the ATM machine too often, either.

donate/sell your unworn stuff online or something! i'm sure you'd make an amount of money from there again :D

p/s: the nude wedges are amazing. i don't even wear heels, but they look awesome. i'd want those in red or electric blue (:

Mela said...

Amazing things!! I love that blue fringe bag...:)
Mela xx

Anonymous said...

I love the gold chain necklace! Where'd you get it?

Duygu said...

great post dear and lovely blog darling :))

Linda Tran said...

dear anonymous - it's topshop! :)

Estelle said...

Being a serial shopaholic isn't a bad thing. It's like collecting art ;) xx

Sabrina said...

Amazing purchases! WOEEE ZHE SHOES, SO PWETTY ♥

Marcella said...

When you find the help you need, please refer me to them, a fellow addict here!

x Marcella

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your bag purchases, esp the red clutch! where is it from?!

Cotton doll ♥ said...

^ i agree O:
that red clutch is just gorgeous $: where did you purchase it from

Linda Tran said...

it's actually a reddy/tan colour and i got it from asos! $35 guys! absolute BARGAIN :)

Anonymous said...

awesome nail colors
love this!
you've got a great blog, keep it up!


La Vrai(e) Charlotte said...

i love all of your outfits! and your blog!i follow you now!

Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

Wowowwwww! I love all those shoes!

-Laura xx

The Annachrist said...

nice orange campbells!

I V Y said...


xo zebra and meerkat

sushii said...

Those tan t-bar heels are to die for. Considering getting a pair for myself! How's the sizing on them?

Jess Tran said...

These ASOS pair are a UK6 and they fit me perfectly. I'm a EU39 :) hypeDC have a great pair that are essentially identical. Go check it out!

.sabo skirt. said...

The shoes are amazing! Great purchases you have here. Certified shopaholic.:)

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Miss Bias said...

Wow! Amazing pieces. Loving all those shoes. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Miss Bias

Silkybow said...

I love the shoes you bought :)
they look so lovely and hot!

Paola said...


Anonymous said...

oh myyyyyy - I am 100% envious right now!!!! Thanks for your lovely comment! I've had a quick little look at your blog & can already tell I'm going to love it!!!! :) xox

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

I'm addicted in shopping as well but i try to thrift or buy on sales! You have an amazing shoes collection girl..Come visit my blog and if you like it,we can follow each other :)